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  1. Choose a model
  2. Upload your photos
  3. Print at home
  4. Fold your model

This icon indicates how many photos you will be able to upload to customize your origami or paper toy. For example:

  • 🗍2photos corresponds to a model with 2 photos to upload.
  • 🗍4photos indicates 4 photos to upload

After your personnalized origami or paper toy printing, you will need to cut the template before folding. However some cuts are straight and can be perfomed without scissors by double folding on the cut and tear off both parts. This icon represents additional cuts that are not straight and need a scissor or cutter and ruler to perform the cut more easily.

Some models require parts to be stick together. It can be done using glue or double-sided adhesive.

This icon indicates the difficulty of the folding. It may be more or less difficult to fold a model. It gives an idea and help you to choose a model depending on your folding skill.

This icon indicates an approximate time of how long it takes to fold the model. It does not correspond to the time it will take on a first fold because it depends on your folding skill.

After multiple times of folding the same model, you should be able to fold the model with the given time.

Some models need to be double sided printed on long edge. If you have an automatic recto/verso printer, it should be automatic. Otherwise you should print page by page. On first print page you should take the paper reverse it and put it back into the printer before the second page print.

The folded model quality may vary depending on your adjustment printer precision. For recto/verso models an alternative may be proposed to have a recto only equivalent.

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